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Twisted Grapes is an incredible varietal which displays exotic colors and wildly pungent artificial grape flavored flowers. She smells like sweet artificial grape which is hard to believe unless experienced firsthand. The vast majority of plants will display some colors while others will also have full purple flowers as early as 2 weeks into flowering. Like all true purple cannabis varietals, her leaves tend to stay green while her flowers display beautiful vibrant colors. We've found Twisted Grapes to be impressive in every department.

Her potency comes from a rare and vigorously tested Tiger’s Milk male from Santa Cruz California (Bodhi).  Her colors come from the elite clone, Dark Desire, shared with us directly from its breeder, Gooeybreeder. Expect plants with great structure that require moderate support. A very easy plant to grow and suitable for the less experienced grower.

This seed set has tested as high as 21% THC and tends to finish flowering between 8 to 9 weeks indoor and early October in a greenhouse. Although Twisted Grapes can be grown outdoors, it is not ideal as she does not like excessive rain with colder temperatures.

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