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Incredible Milk is a combination of two of the strongest flowers experienced firsthand by Apollo's genetic specialists. It’s comprised of a worked line of Bruce Banner #3 and the Tiger’s Milk (Bodhi) which are both strains that have consistently tested high in THC cannabinoids, 28.35% and 22.81% respectively. It’s no wonder that as of April 2021, she’s the highest THC testing cannabis genetic currently available to the public on Canada’s legalized landscape in seed form. She’s been tested at above 24% THC with a great terpene profile above 3.5%.

This plant is very easy to grow with a beautiful hybrid structure that requires very little maintenance throughout its whole life cycle. High yielding plants to be found delivering rock hard and easy to trim connoisseur grade flowers. High leaf to calix ratio makes these potent flowers a dream to manicure. Thick sticky coating of resin are to be expected with this varietal. Incredible Milk is suitable to be grown indoor, greenhouse, and outdoor. She will finish in an 8 to 9 weeks flowering period inside or early October outside.

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