Cherry Chem (Snow Chem x Cherry West bx1) (REG)

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Cherry Chem is the incredibly impressive cross of our Snow Chem female which has ridiculous crystal production, potency, and terpene profile to a highly sought-after, impossible to source, and professionally tested Cherry West backcross male (originating from Mendocino California - Freeborn).

Expect wildly unique and appealing flowers on a virtually perfect strain. Cherry Chem finishes between 7.5 to 9 weeks with massive and gorgeous dense flowers, loud and unique cherry chemdog terpene profiles, as well as a strong squat structure that can easily support its large flowers. Extreme potency with THC reaching as high as 23%. Perfect strain for outside in Ontario and Quebec as she finishes around September 20th. Limited supply and the only Snow Chem hybrid we will ever release.

Please note that the stock for this strain is limited.

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