Chem 91 Skunk VA bx1 (REG)

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This seed set is a backcross of the ultra-rare legend named Chem 91 (Skunk VA) (clone only). The Chem 91 is one of the strongest most pungent plants that we've seen in-house at Apollo Green. Found in 1991, she’s withstood the test of time for many reasons.

She’s extremely strong where very few varietals are able to match. Expect authentic and pungent Chemdog flowers combined with stellar yields. With her solid structure leaning towards indica, matched with robust branching, she requires little support.

This varietal is suitable to be grown indoor, greenhouse, and outdoor. She will finish in 8 to 9 weeks flowering period inside or early October outside. Grown outdoors, she can easily grow into a massive bush, stacking large scale colas. She responds very well to all training methods such as topping, SOG, or LST. Highly resistant to pest and pathogens.

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