About Us

About apollogreen

In Canada, companies must undertake and successfully meet Health Canada’s rigorous multi-year process to obtain a license to grow, sell and export cannabis.


Apollo Green Inc. was among the first wave of Canadian cannabis businesses to undertake this journey and was granted licenses for standard cultivation and processing as well as federal medical sales in July 2019.


Apollo’s unique focus is on cannabis genetics, innovation and the development of proprietary high-yield cultivation methodology. This is what sets us apart from others.


Our state-of-the-art facility just 20-minutes east of Ottawa, helps licensed producers save time and space, reduce risks and produce higher yields of top-quality cannabis faster. Medical patients can count on the same high quality of plants and seeds, with reliable access to products they can count on.


When you purchase from Apollo Green, you know exactly what you are buying every time.


The Apollo Green Difference


Our goals are twofold. The first is to help large and small licensed producers reduce risks, save time and space, and increase yields and profit margins. We can hjelp you get to market within weeks! The second is to help medical cannabis patients access a wider variety of plants and seeds that provide consistent premium quality, helping them manage their health concerns with confidence.


We do this through research and development, and the expertise of our master grower to identify and develop cannabis clones with unique and reliable profiles so you know exactly what you are buying every time.


Our clones are backed by the foremost tissue culture technology and are available to licensed producers around the world and to medical cannabis patients in Ontario.


You can rely on Apollo Green’s top quality, disease-free plantlets that have consistent profiles every time.