Canada’s leader in cannabis genetics enters medical market

Canada’s leader in cannabis genetics enters medical market

Vars, ON — Apollo Green Inc. — Canada’s leader in cannabis genetics — today announced its entry into the medical marijuana sales with unique strains of cannabis not commonly available in the Canadian marketplace.

“Medical side of the business has been my passion since day one,” said Tyler LeBlanc, co-founder of Apollo Green. “Having options in cannabis strains is critical for medical cannabis users. They need to be able to rely on consistently balanced cannabinoids and terpenes, which may not always be available in the current market. Providing unique and reliable genetics alternatives is one of our company’s key drivers.”

The importance of having available alternatives for pain management cannot be understated. Studies have recently shown the link between cannabis availability and reduced use of opioids.

Dr. V.K. Singh, chief science advisor, cites a recent Canadian study published in the Journal of Pain Medicine that found that cannabis may have a role in harm reduction in the opioid crisis. This finding is based on the measurable reductions in opioid use that followed the increased use of cannabis for pain management. “Providing alternatives to opioids for pain management has far-reaching and very real impacts on people’s lives,” says Singh.

He added: “There have been a number of studies including another one in Canada that found a decrease in the amount of prescribed opioids following the legalization of cannabis. This is significant in a country where there have been more than 17,000 opioid-related deaths in the past four years.”

Apollo Green will offer three specialty strains of plants and seven strains of seeds, including Charlotte’s Gift, an established plant with a high CBD level, appropriate for use by patients with chronic pain, among others. Initially, seeds will be available across Ontario while plants will be available in the Greater Ottawa Region.

Dan Thibault, master grower and co-founder of Apollo Green said: “Our clones are available in the Ottawa market as we explore opportunities with nurseries across Canada who would want to grow our unique genetics for their patients.”

To access the plants and seeds, patients will have to register their script on the Apollo Green website which can be done easily by reaching out to our friendly patient services team at Plants are specialty orders; they are cut when the order is placed and ready for shipment in 15 to 20 days.

In addition to entering the medical market, Apollo Green is heavily involved in R&D and is developing an efficient method to produce extractions for cannabis products including edibles and topical creams.